Video Speed Controller

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

Easily Change The Playback Speed Of Any HTML5 Audio/Video Using Video Speed Controller Extension

Elevate your video-watching experience with the Video Speed Controller Chrome extension. Seamlessly adjust HTML5 audio/video playback speed, ensuring a smooth and captivating streaming experience. This extension empowers you to effortlessly speed up or slow down videos, delivering an unforgettable journey.

The Video Speed Controller Firefox extension provides shortcuts to Speed Up, Advance, Slow Down, and Rewind HTML5 content. Its versatility extends to APIs that enhance playback speed, coupled with fixes for functionalities like hiding or limiting. Indulge in more comfortable streaming with the Video Speed Controller Extension. It is ideal for music videos and shows and allows personalized video playback speed tailored to your preferences for a delightful viewing experience.

Installing Video Speeder Controller Extension

Anyone can use this extension to properly sync to their streaming speed, whether they are young or old. Additionally, installation and utilization of the extension are both simple, and you may accomplish them by following the instructions below.

Install the Extension
Pin it to the Toolbar
Start it

How Does The Extension Work?

As soon as the extension is installed, you can enable it. The speed indicator will show up in the upper left corner of any page supporting HTML5 video. Additionally, if you place your cursor over the indication, the buttons for fast-forwarding, rewinding, and slowing the video will become apparent. Anyhow, there is more to use extensively, which is by following the keyboard shortcuts below The default shortcut keys can be modified and reassigned on the extension's settings page. Additionally, you can add new shortcut keys at your convenience.

Control from “S” Key
Control from “D” Key
Control from “R” Key
Control from “Z” Key
Control from “X” Key
Control from “G” Key
Control from “V” Key

Video Speed Controller Characteristics

People adore streaming content on their laptops and desktop PCs more commonly compared to their mobile phones. Furthermore, they are comfortable enough to save you from the bad screen glare, and you can also share them with others. Therefore, having the Video Speed Controller Extension will be beneficial to you. This tool offers several noteworthy capabilities, including increasing or reducing playback in various ranges. But you'll be able to understand better the functionality of the extension with its enriching features, which are as follows

Overlay Slide/Button Bar
Speed Adjustments
Simple User Interface

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