Video Speed Controller

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How do you use a Video Speed Controller

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Do you need help with a video's uneven and fluctuating speed while watching it? But not anymore, as now, controlling the speed of a video is entirely in your hands. If you are thinking, how is it possible, then stop it. By installing the Video Speed Controller Chrome extension, you can make it happen. The Video Speed Controller Chrome extension has the potential to easily change the playback speed of any HTML5 audio/video. You can experience an unforgettable video playback speed during music or video streaming. 

Moreover, not just managing speed, installing the Video Speed Controller Firefox even lets its users Speed Up, Advance, Slow Down, and Rewind their HTML5 audio/video with shortcuts. Regarding its functionality, the Chrome Video Speed Controller provides its users with APIs to accelerate the playback of any video. The extension also fixes most of its functionality, such as hiding or limiting. Furthermore, stay tuned to learn more about the installation process and the major characteristics of this video speed-controlling extension.  

How to Install the Video Speed Controller Extension? 

The below-given installation process needs to be more comprehensive and the easiest one to install this Speed Controller extension on the system. People from every generation can use this extension to sync to their streaming speed properly. Now, follow the below steps to bring clarity:  

1. In the primary step, you need to install the extension, which you can do by clicking here. After that, click the blue "Add To Chrome" button to carry onwards. Moreover, you can even search for the Video Speed Controller Chrome extension in the Chrome Web Store. Using the Edge, Firefox, and Chrome web browsers are advised.

2. Next, you need to pin the extension to the browser's toolbar by tapping on the "pin" icon. And then, pin the extension in the top-right corner of the screen. If you cannot find the extension icon, tap the puzzle icon in the taskbar's upper right corner. 

3. Lastly, it would help if you launched the Video Speed Controller Extension in order to control the video playback speed. Consequently, the user can select a suitable speed using the slider or button. They can easily find the slider or button in the overlay video playback bar. And that’s how you can stream anything you want at your own preferred speed. 

What are the Helpful Keyboard Shortcut Keys?  

Helpful shortcut keyboard keys can easily drive the Video Speed Controller. So you can easily fast-forward, rewind, and slow the video speed within a single click. You even have the option to modify and reassign the default shortcut keys on the extension's settings page. Now, let’s know about these keys and their functionalities:

1. The first key is “S,” which you can use to decrease playback speed.

2. The next one is “D,” which you can use to increase playback speed.

3. When it comes to “R,” it represents a resetting of the playback speed.

4. The Z keyboard key tells about rewinding the video by 10 seconds.

5. The second last is “X,” which helps in advancing the video by 10 seconds.

6. The last one is the “V” key that shows/hides the controller.

Beneficial Attributes of a Video Speed Controller

The best part is that the speed controller Chrome video extension is filled with user-friendly features. And using these features lets you enjoy a wholesome experience while streaming audio/video. And these are:


1. The overlay slide/button bar appears as a slider while using this extension to watch any video. Using this button helps adjust the speed, whether you want a fast or a slow playback speed of the video.

2. The next feature is about modifying and changing the video speed here from 0.25X to 4X. Furthermore, the speed adjustment allows you to enjoy watching videos at your own speed. So you hardly miss any single beat of your favorite and most awaited scenes.  

3. To save or escape its users from wandering here and there, this speed controller extension provides them with a user-friendly interface. So the users can adjust the playback speed with a click.  

4. Most importantly, this extension is compatible with most websites and streaming platforms. Remember to install this extension on any of the devices such as Linux, Windows, and macOS.

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